Spring Return Handle

Spring return handle easy to assemble, to lock, to upgrade

Zipson’s Spring return handle (also called dead man handle), SH01 series provide wide range of torque output for valve from 1/4″ to 4″. The spring handles provide the max. torque output up to 100 Nm. SH01 handles 100% fit Zipson’s high performance ball valves, 201D, 302F, 305D and even 3-way ball valve, 501S. All SH01 series are all with locking function.

The users can easily adjust the torque of the SH01 spring handles by adjusting the nuts of the spring to get the proper torque for better operation. In order to reduce the risk of nut loosing on the vibrated pipes, trucks, Zipson use anti-loose nuts (NYLOK) on SH01 series.

To mount SH01 spring return handles on Zipson’s valves is always the best choice. Sometimes customers have their own valves with customized stem dimensions, we are able to provide blank socket for further machining works.

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SH01, Spring Return Handle (Dead-Man Handle)

  • Size: 1/4"~4"/ DN08-100

  • Design Feature:

● 100% suitable for Zipson’s ISO5211 direct mount flange

● CF8 (SS304) investment cast handle head

● Lock nut (anti-loose) nuts for vibration

● Adjustable returned torque output

● Locking function

● Zipson Patented!

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