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Rego Valves

We are authorised distributer and stockist of REGO Valves. REGO GmbH is the Rego Distribution Center located in Central Germany. Rego GmbH is responsible for the sales and support of Rego® Products throughout Europe, Russia, former Russian Countries, Arabic countries and Asia and uses an extensive network of official authorised distributors to meet the needs of its customers.

REGO is proud to offer the most advanced equipment for LPG/NH3/ Cryogenic and LNG Industry. With the world increasing its focus on alternative fuels, REGO is proud to offer the most advanced equipment for Liquefied Natural Gas vehicle applications. REGO provides our customers with the highest quality product through our international distribution network and regional offices in Latin America, Europe & Asia. With four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, we are constantly expanding our product lines to meet the needs for the emerging LPG/NH3/ Cryogenic and LNG markets.

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Blackhall Engineering Valves

We are authorised distributer and stockist of Blackhall Engineering Ltd. Blackhall Engineering has been manufacturing a wide range of cryogenic valves for over 50 years, and by working closely with the world's leading industrial gas companies our valves are now accepted globally in over 80 countries. Air separation plants utilise a low-temperature rectification process to produce oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium etc. Blackhall have created an industry leading product range that is ideally suited for all cryogenic applications.

Blackhall valves are used widely in the production, storage and transportation of all cryogenic fluids and are designed to meet international Industrial Gas specifications, with stringent testing taking place to the applicable standards in our clean room & testing facility. In addition to supplying new valves the Blackhall Cryogenic Valve Clinic offers a full service, repair and refurbishment programme.

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Blackhall Valves

Zipson Valves

Zipson Steel Products & Valves

We are authorised distributer and stockist of Zipson Steel Industrial Co. Ltd. Zispon Valve is a specialist of ball valve & other valves manufacturing & steel casting over 30 years. You can easily find the right products here with the best support from Heramb Enterprises. From alloy steel materials to the valves for critical working condition, just send a mail to Zipson to make your life easier!

From sand casting to investment casting, then went to valve design, producing, valve logisitcs, Zipson ball valve expand her capacity to stand behind all our esteemed customers. Zipson, the valve manufacturer in Taiwan believe team works with our customers helps to find the best solution and lead to mutual benefit over quality, lower cost, faster lead-time, efficiency for long term business relationship.

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Leader Industrial Valves

We are authorised distributer and stockist of Leader Valves Ltd. Leader Valves Ltd. is a leading valve manufacturing company of India. The company is totally integrated valves manufacturing unit with own Ferrous & Non Ferrous Foundries, Forging units and state of the art Machining and Testing facilities.

The company was set up seven decades ago when India was on the threshold of industrial revolution and there were no good valve manufacturers in the country. It has over the years built up an excellent track record by following the policy of customer satisfaction through continual improvement in Designs, Manufacturing Processes and marketing products that are highly competitive, Safe and Harmless to the environment. The company maintain stringent quality controls during production at all stages right from raw material till shipment of valves. The Material Testing Lab is equipped with IGC, PMI, UTM, SPECTRO Analyzer, Impact Testing machine & Hardness Testing Machine etc.

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Leader Valves

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Sant Valves

We are authorised distributer and stockist of Sant Valves Pvt. Ltd. The ‘SANT GROUP’ was established in 1953 with manufacturing of industrial valves under the brand name ‘SANT’ which quickly became the household name for valves all over India. The success of his tale which started with manufacturing quality valves has today transformed in group of companies having diversified into manufacturing GI fittings, CarbonSteel fittings, Forged fittings, distribution of Composite Pipes, along with a 100% export unit of hand tools and power tools.

'SANT' valves not only in plumbing line but numerous other sectors like Oil, Gas, Power plants, Fertilizer, Textile, Sugar, Cement & Pharmaceuticals to name a few industries. Our valves are a preferred choice of top consultants, various Government, Semi-Government, Private Organisations and countless major Industrial houses.

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