PFA Lined Ball Valve

The Reliable PFA Lined Valves

Zipson’s 237L PFA-HP (high purity PFA) lined valve is the most reliable lined valve in the market. All the valve need 100% passed sparking test at 20,000 volts & air pressure test to keep from any pinholes, giving protection against diffusion corrosion.

High performance design with heavy duty shell thickness, the 237L valve also with at least 3 mm PFA lining on all the parts contact the media. The valve also with ISO 5211 flange holes for convenient mounting the actuators. Both the stem gland & body/ end bolts can be tightened for longer working life time after operations. The CF8 (SS304) construction material allow the 237L valve to be set in semiconductors industries.

The bolts for body/ end & gland are lock screws to keep from bolts loose via pipe vibration or equipment shaking. This design allow the valve to be mounted on the truck for transporting chemical substance.

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237L, PFA Lined Valve

  • Size: 3/4"~4"/ DN20-100

  • Design Feature:

● Body & end caps quality investment casting

● with ISO 5211 mounting pad

● High performance adjustable stem packing

● 100% sparkling test at 20,000 volts & air pressure test

● Blow-out proof stem design

● ASME 150/ JIS 10K flange connection

● Body/ end & gland with lock screw to keep from bolts loosing under pipe vibration

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