Rust Remover

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BIG Pure Rust Remover

Product Info

Removes rust from tools, machines, machine parts, etc. Free rusted bolts & machine parts. Soak – in or brush on application possible, as required, Dissolves rust quickly. Can be used diluted, as a Rust Remover soak for heavily rusted tools/machine parts. Can remove rust stains from TILES.


For heavily rusted surface, brush off free rust, then soak in Diluted BIGPURE Rust Remover, agitate with brush or cleaning pad. When rust is removed, wash with plenty of water, or dip in water bath, then apply Rust Inhibitor. For less rusted areas brush on BIGPURE RUST REMOVER. Leave for 15-20 minutes scrub & wash. Apply Rust Inhibitor.

Packing Sizes

530ml, 2.5L, 5L, 10L, 250L

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